Urban Riding Academy

Where the joy of riding begins!

Special Events and Updates

In January and February will be traveling to the Gold Coin shows in Hutchinson.  These are a great first timers show.  You really get alot of experience and meet wonderful people.   Come join us.

Babies will be coming in March and April.   Expectant mares  are Ellie-RC and Momma.  We are very excitied about the new arrivals.

In March 2013 we will be having a COMMUNITY APPRECIATION DAY.   Date forthcoming.  Come join us and tour the faciltiy.  Coffee pot will be going.

 In April 20th 2013 We will be having a trail ride to help raise money for St. Jude Childrens hospital.  Get your pleadges and come joing us for a day of horsebacking and fun.  Most of the horses are spoken for already so get your horse into shape and come with us.  

April also starts the summer season off for regular horse shows.  Come join us. 


Urban Riding Academy offers an indoor riding arena, outside riding arena, and plenty of open spaces to learn how to ride.  We even offer stalls for rent.  We provide many skill levels of riding whether you are just starting out, want an hour to yourself, have always wanted to know what it is like on top of a beautiful horse, or just relax with a horse.  We can aide you in how to get started with a horse, correct problems you may be experiencing, or want to improve your horsemanship riding abilities.  We want to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for people to learn to ride and discover the many benefits (physical, spiritual, and emotional) that riding horses can bring to people.  Come ride with us and discover the passion and freedom you experience being involved with horses!